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Artify Alcohol Markers – Detailed Review | CraftyPaws

Artify Art Supplies asked me to try their 108 Artify Alcohol Markers Set and review it for my subscribers and followers. I was really interested in their quality and how they would perform given their amazing price. Currently they are available on Amazon for $42.49 for a set of 108 markers. That’s less than $0.40/marker! They also have a 24 Artify Skin Tones Markers Set (which I did not try yet), currently $13.99, which comes out to only $0.58/marker. Each marker is dual sided with a brush tip and chisel tip. The markers are rounded triangular in shape so they are easy to hold and will not roll off desks. The color selection in the 108 set is pretty fulsome and the colors blend well.  The set comes with a swatch sheet and an awesome sturdy organizing carrying case.

1. Incredibly well priced
2. Markers themselves seem strong and well made – triangular barrel shaped body prevents rolling/dropping
3. The caps are secure and click into place (little chance of dried out markers due to loose caps)
4. Colors are plentiful, saturated, and blend well
5. There is not a strong odor (unlike Sharpies)
6. Comes with great, well organized swatch sheet
7. Comes packaged in fantastic organizing carrying case (another budget saver!)

1. Markers are not labeled on the barrels (only on the caps) so caps can get misplaced from matching markers if both are removed in use (not an issue for me since I never take both caps off in use)
2. Chisel tip end may not be perfectly positioned for easy use given the triangular barrel shape of markers (not an issue for me since I don’t use the chisel nibs)
3. Swatch sheet paper may be different from the type you use so colors may appear different (easy to fix – copy onto your preferred paper to swatch)
4. Possibly lesser quality of nibs (time will tell with more usage)


This is an amazing budget-friendly set of alcohol markers, and I am really impressed. These would be great for kids, adults starting out on coloring, during travels, and so much more! Honestly, if I had not started out my coloring journey with Copic Markers (which range from approximately $5.85 to $8 per marker depending on sales, sets, and country of purchase), I would seriously consider getting these Artify markers.

CLICK on the picture below to watch my full review:



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