My niece just returned from a 2 month-long post-college graduation trip around Asia. All of the things she saw and did sounded amazing, but truth be told, I was most excited about her crafty gift to me – Copic Sketch Markers and Copic refills! YAY!!! She got them at a tiny craft store that had almost every color available, lots of Copic-friendly papers, and allowed her to purchase them tax-free, for about $3 US/Copic Sketch Marker and $3 US/Copic refill!

As I ogled them, filled in my Copic chart with my new markers, and wrapped each with my signature doggy washi tape (this is so when I go to group crafting events like crops, I can make sure I get all of my markers back even if I’m loaning them out), I thought it would be nice to share what I’ve learned about where to buy Copic Markers for less and how to travel with them on planes.

The following is a video share of my findings from sources such as eBay (for when you’re starting out and can search for “Copic lot”); Amazon (better prices on sets like THIS Grays Set or THIS Skin Tones Set); Michaels (with a 40-50% off coupon for one); Joanns (with a 40-50% off coupon on one or when they are on sale — even better if they have an addition 20% off sale items coupon!);;; etc. PLUS, if you read the description box and comments on this YouTube video, you’ll see some links to better prices on Amazon and where others shared additional places to buy Copics cheaper:


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