Picture 186I love Steampunk so I have been wanting to design a digi that I thought would be pretty, a little sexy, and hopefully versatile. There is a mysterious, other-wordly aspect to Steampunk that I wanted to reflect–less cutsie, more fantasy.

Picture 185I have designed two tags/cards using Steampunk Barbie (which you can download for free as a subscriber to my blog from the Digi page), creating a back story in my mind about these two cousins who live in two different factions of their imaginary world.

The green fairy version is a member of the Key Masters faction. They are the intellectuals of their world. They can fly, are clever, and the wise old owl is their faction’s mascot.  The blue version is a member of the Time Keepers faction. They can manipulate time by winding  (or unwinding) clocks that control the pace of life.

Ok, you may think I’m crazy for dreaming up all of this, but I often find that if I have a story or person (project recipient) in mind, my projects come out better. It helps direct and focus my creativity and helps me “commit” to themes, color choices, or designs.

The following are the videos in which I share each of these projects:

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