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Scissors, Scissors Everywhere! | CraftyPaws

I have had some questions about the various crafting scissors that I use and have shown on my videos so I thought I would do a quick post of my favorites and why I use different scissors for different applications.

Really at the core, you don’t want to use fabric scissors (which need to remain sharp and tend to be pricey) for anything other than fabrics, laces, threads, baker’s twine. Anything harder may dull your investment and getting them sharpened is a whole other ordeal.

The scissors I use the most and LOVE for paper crafting are Fiskars Easy Action Micro-Tip Scissors. They have a very sharp point and are perfect for fussy cutting out detailed images with very little hand strain (I have arthritis in both hands so this is key for me). My next favorite are the EK Success Cutter Bee Precision-Cut Scissors.  These are pretty standard fine point scissors but I love that it comes with a plastic protective cover, which makes it great for carrying/travel. Some people swear by the Tim Holtz Kush Grip Non-stick Serrated Snips, but I personally have not used them (other than briefly borrowed at a crop). Lastly, I recently picked up the best stamp cutting shears — you know, the ones you “need” to cut apart rubber/foam mounted stamps that come unmounted and uncut — rubber stamp scissors made by KAI.

And because I thought why not include a doggy twist on this topic, I am also listing my favorite dog grooming scissors by Pet Magasin. I have had professional grooming scissors in the past, but they had nothing on these super sharp and easy-on-the hands grooming scissors. They are light weight, very sharp, yet not dangerous with their rounded tips, and really affordable!

The following is video in which I go over all of these scissors and more:

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’re having a wonderful crafty day! WOOF


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