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Paperbag Cards, Altered Tins, Corks and Dominos + List of Great Tutorials | CraftyPaws

I love upcycling (the process of converting trash into new products or “treasures,” with the resultant additional benefit of helping the environment). Crafters tend to be really good it it too. I hosted a “Love the Earth Challenge” in which I asked folks to upcycle anything and the entries were mind blowing (in the first video in the playlist I share my altered tin, which is in the top photo).

Most times, however, crafters ask for specific things to be altered: paper bags (e.g., paper bag cards), corks (for charms or ornaments), Dominos, wooden tiles, etc.  There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make tiny Domino “books”, make cork charms, alter (cover and decorate) tins, and the list goes on and on.

I’ve found that after I watch one or two, I can re-create  just about anything.  However, if you are overwhelmed by all the options out there, I’ve compiled a list of tutorials that I found super helpful, easy to follow and non-extreme (you know what I mean–some folks go crazy with details and embellishing when really we just want to know how-to make something and then decorate in our own style):

ScrappinStampers has a great lunch bag card tutorial called: “How to Make a Lunch Bag Card”

AKCaraboo has a super tutorial to make a Domino book called: “Altered Dominio Books” (yes, the typo is from the title)

Linda Lapotka has an easy-to-follow altered matchbox tutorial called: “Romantic Cottage Matchbox Ornament for YPP”

TheScrappyBookworm1 has a clear, step by step tutorial for altered corks in two parts called: “Tutorial~Altered Wine Cork Charm & Questions Answered”

Those are just a sampling that I really learned from. However, if you just like watching tutorials (like me and cooking shows–I watch a ton but cook next to nothing), Youtube can probably keep you busy watching for years!

The following are a few videos sharing some altered projects I made:

Please subscribe if you wish, and thank you for stopping by!

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