Ok, I’m not a big time shopper, crafty or otherwise, but when the deals are this good, it is really hard to pass up. I went to Michaels for Glossy Accents, armed with a 50% off coupon, and came out with 2 bags full of crafty yummies for $28.  All but a small alpha set (which was $1.50) was on clearance, with an extra 50% off the lowest clearance price!

Why am I sharing this on my crafty blog?  Well, I wanted to pass along not only this time-sensitive extra sale on clearance items, but also a frugal tip that I discovered by chance.  At my local grocery store chain, Kroger, they have a gift card section. In that section, Michaels gift cards are regularly sold for less than their face value. That is, $40 in gift cards are sold for $35!  That’s an extra 12.5% off.  Once I even saw a special where you had to register online and load the coupon onto your frequent shopper card, but they were selling $25 gift cards for $20.  That’s 20% off!

Combine those gift card savings with clearance prices that are even further reduced, and it’s almost like they are paying you to shop! LOL Well, it’s not that good, but it is pretty great.

If you want to see the details of my haul, please watch this video:

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