Several folks have asked me to review the Kai Rubber Stamp Scissors after I had a chance to fully try them out, and I am pleased to say that I have good things to report.

Organizing TGF StampsI had recently purchased several red rubber stamp sets from The Greeting Farm, which come uncut.  These adorable stamps are meant to be used with stamping blocks (I use this 4 Piece Fiskars Stamp Block Set, which may not be the best but is a great value and has served me well for all my years of stamping) or a stamp press (my favorite is this Easy Fiskars Stamp Press or this Compact Fiskars Stamp Press).  To get a clean stamped impression, however, you need to trim off the excess rubber beyond the images.

Previously I had used heavy duty kitchen shears to cut untrimmed stamps, but after finally buying these Kai scissors, I wonder why I wasted so much time and effort to save $20. These scissors cut through the rubber and foam mounting like butter. Plus their sharp point makes cutting close to the image a breeze. The only slight down side to these scissors is that they are not padded so after a LOT of trimming, my middle finger became sore. TIP: If you are going to be trimming a bunch of stamps at one time, I would recommend putting a band aid on your middle finger to protect your finger from the pressure.

The following is a short process video of me using these scissors:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope this video is helpful to you.

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