I’ve been admiring the handmade flowers and lacy embellishments made by loads of people on Youtube for a while, and finally I just decided to give it a go. Much to my surprise I found it rather easy and fun.

There are a variety of ways people make them and some of the best flower makers (who also share loads of tutorials on YT) are Tricia (YT: Alittleshabbychic) and Fiona (YT: Jennings644). They use hot glue and needle and thread for the most part. I chose to start simply and use hot glue on a paper circle base. It just took a lot of scrunching with my fingers and a bit of tolerance for heat. ūüôā

Seriously, if you are not good with heat, I’d do the needle and thread versions, which are not difficult at all–they just take patience threading a needle and simple stitches so you can gather the lace or fabric ribbon on one side.¬†What looks like elaborate embellishments are a hop, skip and a jump away by just changing out centers for cameos, adding metal pieces, dangles, or bigger bling centers.

The following are videos of the flowers and embellishments I made:

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