I wanted to let you all know that my blog has been the victim of brute force hacker attacks. My server administrators shut off my new registrations button/widget in order to protect my site as well as the sites of others on the shared server (unfortunately they did this without telling me so it took days longer to address).

Anyway, long story short, we were able to put up new protections to try to avoid future attacks, get the registration button up and running again, and everything was protected the whole time (whew!).

Unfortunately this took some time to identify and rectify and some of you who were would-be new registrants may have faced error messages. I assure you everything has been fixed, and I apologize for the delay and any confusion. I hope you all will try again to register and join in the fun here.

All of this took a lot of time and energy to fix so I am a little behind on my crafty projects, but hope to be back on track soon. Please forgive the fewer posts this week. Thanks for stopping by! WOOF!

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