Picture 249I wanted to introduce my latest free digi, “Kentucky Derby Biscuit” on this funny Project Life (PL) style card that I made for the lovely, Christine (YT: LelloScrapper). She is hosting a great challenge asking folks to make a PL card using a funny saying and a stamped or drawn image. Couldn’t we all use a laugh? I loved this idea.

This digi was inspired by a small gathering my hubby and I had last weekend to watch the Kentucky Derby and have a barbecue.  As is my crazy custom, I dressed up my dogs (sorry no pictures to share) for the the occasion and the look of begrudging tolerance on Biscuit’s face said it all–complete love mixed with resignation. LOL

I designed this card using a background image that I found online of horses.  I colored with Copic and Chromatix markers my digi (I’m particularly proud of the way the fur came out looking curly–or at least I think it does) and took lots of care with a very sharp Exacto knife to cut around the image. I also drew the back of the a large horse that I could place the digi on and as I was sharing my card on YT I wondered if that is where the phrase “dog and pony show” came from….  The sentiment that I included with this digi is “Seriously, we need to find you a new hobby,” which is what I imagine Biscuit is saying over and over as I dress her up in different outfits or putting her in staged settings for photo opportunities. 🙂

The following is a video sharing this card:

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you like this latest free digi! Big hugs, Kristina WOOF

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