I don’t normally post promotions on my blog, but I am such a huge fan of Kathy, the Daily Marker, that I had to share with you all that she is going to be hosting fun and quick “pop up challenges”! The first one is coming August 14-17, 2015.  Four days of fun, videos and prizes! I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us all.

Among folks promoting her pop up challenge, Kathy will be awarding a giveaway prize. Actually, she will be picking 1 promoter and giving that promoter and a friend each a prize package! Woot woot!

Sooooo if you’d like to be my crafty friend that wins if I win the promotion prize, please leave a comment below. I’ll pick from among the comments to receive the second prize! YAY! We can all win! 🙂


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