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Comparison of Stamp and Die Storage Pockets + Giveaway | CraftyPaws

I have started 2016 with a variety of storage and organizational projects and I am so happy with the results. Next I am tackling my stamp and die storage, which I have kept in their original packaging and therefore looks unorganized because of the differences in package sizes and types.

I decided to adopt the method of using plastic storage pockets with liner white card stock and labeling that many folks use, but I was daunted by the cost of these storage pockets (yes, I have that many stamps and dies — LOL).  So I did a side by side comparison of the Ellen Hutson, Avery Elle, Simon Says Stamp, and a couple of DVD storage pocket vendors on eBay and Amazon.

I love the feel of the Ellen Hutson storage pockets (their stamp sets come in the same storage pockets). They are thick and feel like they would be super strong. However, the couple that I have have split along the seam at the sides and bottom! I may have defective pockets, but I wasn’t going to risk buying more for my new system with these as samples.

The Avery Elle and Simon Says Stamp storage pockets are great. I believe they are both 100 microns thick and they are made for stamp and die storage. The Avery Elle storage pockets are about $8.99 for a package of 25 ($0.36/each + shipping), and the Simon Says Stamp storage sleeves are $11.99 for a package of 50 ($0.24/each + shipping).

But I did not want to spend this much for storage (I’d rather spend it on fun crafty goodies). So I went on the hunt for equivalent storage solutions on eBay and Amazon. I found lots of vendors who sold DVD plastic storage sleeves that looked the same as the Avery Elle and Simon Says Stamp pockets, but most were only 80 micons in thickness. I ordered one bundle, but they were not as good quality and easily split along the seams (looks like I have a lot of plastic for making shaker cards–hahaha). Then after a lot of back and forth with a whole bunch of online vendors, I found Mediaxpro, who sold these: 200 CPP Clear Plastic Sleeves with Flap!  These seem equivalent to the SSS and Avery Elle ones in size and thickness but are under $14 for a package of 200 ($0.07/each + FREE shipping).

This is a video share of my review (and the details on the small giveaway):

Disclaimer: I purchased all of these materials with my own money, and this is in no way a sponsored post. If you use the link to purchase the Mediaxpro storage sleeves, I get a small commission as I am an Amazon affiliate, but that does not affect your price at all.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope this review was helpful to you.



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