So there is a general category in crafting called “book pages” but what that means is varied and curious (at least to me). Sometimes, it means a real “book” or album is being made and the book maker is composing with his or her own “pages.”  Other times, it means a compilation is being created under one cover and the book maker is asking folks to contribute a “page,” usually in an assigned medium (e.g., paper, lace, fabric, etc.).

I’ve been having some fun contributing to a few books, and I think I am getting a bit better, but overall, I am not an album or book maker so if you’re interested, search Youtube or Google and you’ll be able to find tons of shares and tutorials.  The pic at the top of this post is a paper page that I made for a Youtube friend, Melanie (YT: Intelligentbella), who asked folks to make a page that represented them. She wanted to get to know hear subbies better. Making paper pages are like making tags, just a different size and shape.  The picture at right was my second lace page that I made for my friend, Alicia (YT:Aliciasglittzandmore), and she was very specific about all the pages being white and cream and including a pocket.

This picture is of a wood page that I made for my friend, Amy (YT: Al John) and her Papa (who loves getting mail (so cute!)). She didn’t specify the medium so I did what I often do, which is to test the boundaries and try something new for me. I used a wood base, covered it in paper, added a rosette, a dangle, a banner, lots of lace and even bead trim!

I was the lucky winner of one of the beautiful lace books that was created by the wonderfully talented Jeannette (YT: Scrappin Happyxo), who celebrated her 5,000th subbie with a challenge in which the prizes were going to be compiled lace books that were made from the entries to her challenge.  When I receive the book, I’ll be sure to update this post and add a picture of the book as well as a video of the receipt.

The following are videos in which I share the my lace and wood based book pages.

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